Disco Blackout

Meiers Finest 2018
Black Space Riders 2018
Rootz Radicals 2018
Vanilla Thunder 2018
Walther, angenehm + Hallimasch
Rootz Radicals 2017
Meiers Finest 2017
Vanilla Thunder 2017
Null8Sprachrohr 2016
Blackout Open Air 2016
ATM / Milkman / Pottwal
Open Air 2016
Vanilla Thunder & 8301 Sofa
Rootz Radicals & Selectah Mabless
Creedence Choogle Rockers
Meiers Finest
Salute HiFi Soundsystem
ATM, Pottwal & DTO
Irie Riddim Soundsystem
The Blackout Roots Reggae Convention
Freagles 2015
Offene Bühne 2015
Rootz Radicals
Vanilla Thunder & La Bágásch
Majestic Bubble Sound
Remember The 80s
Meiers Finest 2015
Simeon Soul Charger / Radio Haze
Black Space Riders & Majora
Go And Ask The Milkman
Offene Bühne 2014
Bluesgangsters / Vierimmer
Yardcrime Intl Soundsystem
Meiers Finest 2014
Sound Salute HiFi
Element Sound
Blazin' Tiger 2014
Simeon Soul Charger 2014
Never Mind The Dude
30th Anniversary Party
Glockwork Posse 2013
Offene Bühne 2013
Mortal Kombat Soundsystem
Vanilla Thunder & Go And Ask The Milkman
Blazin' Tiger 2013
Meiers Finest 2013
Sound Salute HiFi
Simeon Soul Charger & Vierimmer
Open Air 2013
Ruff Rebel 2012
Lampert / An Old Dog In The Corner
Irie Riddim Sound
Velve Zebra
A Soundrip Into Space
Meiers Finest 2012
Glockwork Posse 2012
Simeon Soul Charger 2012
Nicetime Intl
Medassi 2012
Alte Säcke Party Jan 2012
Hasch A Fyah Soundmachine
Andi Dred & DiBaba
Back In Time
Majora/Reflected Black
24/7 Soundsystem
Simeon Soul Charger / Stained
Bad Bones live
Blazin' Tiger 2011
Kaddal / Glockwork Posse
Open Air 2011
Alte Säcke Party 09/11
Righteous Riddim 2011
Improved Gods / Yellowbench
Yardcrime Intl Soundsystem
Alte Säcke März 2011
DJ Hitex /Countryman / Effector
Bang Your Head 04/2011
Meiers Finest 2011
Nuxvomica / stained
Glockwork Posse Soundsystem
Fuck This Week
Pyro Movement
Alte Säcke Januar 2011
Alte Säcke Party 03/2009
Blazin' Tiger Soundsystem
Kick Ass R'N'R Show
Righteous Riddims Soundsystem
Bang your Head
Blazin' Tiger
Null8Sprachrohr & ATM
Soundgier/Radio Haze/Rather Racoon
Alte Säcke Party 01/2010
Open Air 2008
26 Jahre Blackout
Dr. Ring-Ding
Alte Säcke Party 10/2009
Bad Bones 2009
Vier Immer
Meiers Finest 2009
Alte Säcke Party 04/2009
Indiegalactic Soundsystem Mai 2009
Blackout AllStars Mai 2009
Sensination Soundsystem 2008
Offbeat Ambassador
3 Bands
Alte Säcke Party 01/2009
BBQ Sound & Countryman Sound
Tiron Igers / Soundgier
25 Jahre Disco Blackout
Bad Bones live 2008
High Rollaz Soundsystem
Alte Säcke Party 11/2008
King Banana / Mortal Kombat
Regghopp / Element Sound
Big Belly Soundsystem
Meiers Finest 2008
Zionic Soundsystem
November 2007
Dezember 2007
Meiers Finest 2007
Everest Soundsystem
Lady Goldfinger
November 06
Rise & Shine
Tiron Igers
Roots Reggae
Frühjahr 07
September 06
Fred & Barney
BBQ Sound
Februar 2006
Remember 60's
März 2006
Meier's Finest
OpenAir 2003
OpenAir 2005